Sport Ngin Support

You can now download game information (including teams, rosters, opponent) from your Sport Ngin account.

1) Go to the "More..." tab - select "Load Games" in the "Sport Ngin" section

2) Enter your username and password for your account.

3) Selection your organization, team, and game to score

4) Select import for the game - you can now select the game line to edit game details (">" appears now)

5) After changes are completed - select "Done" - you are now back at the games list. The game you imported will now say "Score" - touch that button to score the game (note you can also navigate via the game tab).

6) Score the game

7) Select the "Reports" tab - Select from the "Web Site Export" the "Sport Ngin" option

8) Select the game you wish to upload, indicate the team you wish to upload (if doing both teams you will have to repeat this for the second team - assuming you have the upload priviledges for that team).

9) Go to your Sport Ngin web site to view the results.

NOTE: You will need to make roster additions via the web site, you can edit the team after updates and select the "Refresh" option for your team while on the team edit screen. Also game settings changes only affect the game on the device and do not presently sync back to the web site (game time, team colors, roster player edits for example). The steps follow:

 1) Select the game settings using the blue icon "i" on the right.

2) Select the "Roster" for the team to update. Repeat for the other team if necessary.

3) in the upper right corner select the menu (version 2.3.2 or newer). Older versions have the word re-sync instead.

3) in the upper right corner select the menu (version 2.3.2 or newer). Older versions have the word re-sync instead.

4) Select the re-sync option.

4) Select the re-sync option.


If you want to export one team at a time to the web site use the following steps. 

(Note: there is currently a bug in the export that may require single team export - you should to one team them pause until the network activity spinner at the top of the screen completes, then do the second team).

1) Select Sport Ngin Export

2) Select the "Team" entry (which is currently set to "Both")

3) From the screen that appears select one team (Force in this example).

4) Now export this team.

5) Repeat from step 2 for the other team (after waiting for the spinning network activity spinning to complete - it will vanish when done)