"The app has exceeded our expectations ... the data capture is great ... so easy, good reports. In fact after one game my 10 y.o. daughter is a complete whizz on it." - A.W. (Sydney)

iScout Basketball is the premier application for live tracking of basketball statistics. See your stats at any point in the game.

Applicable to all levels of play and game types. Track multiple players, teams, seasons and leagues.

One touch scoring - see video! iScout Basketball

Use for official team statistics or for scouting players.

Supports user configured reports including shot charts. Directly email reports from your iOS device.

Ability to backup database to Dropbox.

Very fast intuitive input. Extensive edit and correction abilities.

Our partners: MaxPreps, VarVee, QuikStatsIowa, TourneyMachine & Sport Ngin - exports stats to these sites!

Optionally track playing time.