This is only available it iScout Basketball Pro version.

ATTENTION: Version 2.3.0 is required for this feature.

 We have a hidden feature in beta for entering completed games from a scorebook. It will allow you to quickly enter totals instead of individual events. Ther are some reports which will show data that is not useful such as time based statistics and that is part of the reason this is in beta. We will blank out the data in the reports created with scorebook mode so you are not mislead by the numbers but we have not completed that task yet.

Please let us know about any report issues (we may miss some going forward so let us know in case we dont' catch them) as well as any errors in using this feature. Email to Refer to "scorebook" in the title would help us keep reports organized.

KNOWN ISSUE: This is Beta and bugs are possible - let us know about them! - Also there are continuous updates to this so the screen shots below may not match exactly.


WHY STILL BETA? There is no undo feature for this - since you could delete many events while using this feature only to realize that is not what you intended, we feel we need some undo mechanism before making this public to all users. Backup you data with the Export via Email feature in the app BEFORE using this on any game. That way if you mess up you can get back to where you started.

1) Go to the game list and shake the device. A dialog will appear as shown below.



2) Now add a new game. The game options page will have a scorebook option.



3) If you select the "Live Game" it works as before (this is generally what you want). If you select scorebook, you will get the options dialog with some entries missing as they don't apply to scorebook entry (ie. timed subs).


4) When games are created with scorebook, they are indicated as such in the game list. (Note the blue color is just because it is a game with today's date). The word "scorebook" is the indication.


5) When you select a "scorebook" game the UI will appear as below:

6) If you select the "Options" button you will get a dialog as shown here. You can add a game note (like using the pencil icon in the live entry mode). You can also choose to edit columns.


7) The edit colums feature allows you to customize your data entry screen. Select an item to uncheck it and that column will not appear on the data entry screen.

8) The below image shows that we unchecked the last 3 items.

9) If you choose the "Edit" button you can re-order the columns.

10) We re-ordered to have the DFL as the last column.

 11) Returning to the data entry screen you can see that the last column is now "DFL" and the columns we turned off no longer appear.

12) The large arrows at the top allow you to change periods. We touched the right arrow which moved us to Period 2.

13) Touch the "Period" box to add overtimes.

14) Touching the score for either team will allow you to set the score - useful if you don't track both teams but want the period scores for the opponent.

15) Touch a cell to edit it. Use the +/- buttons at the bottom to change the values and the blue arrows to navigate (or touch a cell again to navigate)

16) The game created this way should work the same with regard to reports as any other game. You can also delete it or re-edit it later. You can NOT switch modes between live and scorebook games.