It is possible to merge players that have the same id number used by SportsEngine website (this number is not visible or editable for the user and the symptom of this conditions is having multiple duplicate players with the same name and jersey following a merge with the website).

We STRONGLY recommend you backup your data prior to using this feature. 1) it is a beta feature and we tested it thoroughly but mistakes are possible 2) You may make a mistake that you have to recover from and there is NO UNDO for these changes.

This feature will merge players that do have the same SportsEngine ID and inactivate the duplicates. It does NOT automatically delete those duplicates so this article includes steps to do that.

Select the "Repair Roster" option from the "Options" tab page.


This will display the Repair page.


You can change the league to access the team you want. Once you select a team, the "Repair" button will become enabled.


Press "Repair" to merge the duplicate players in the roster and inactivate the duplicates which will no longer have events linked to them.


During the repair the button will become green and there will be a spinner. The spinner will vanish when done and the color will return to normal.

Now you can go to the team page and delete any duplicate players.


Select the "Players" entry to edit the roster for the team.


In this example, Player 7 was duplicated. Now just one entry remains active and the others are inactive. You can swipe from right to left on those entries to delete them.


If you try to delete a player with events attached, it will prevent you from doing so. Here is the active player shown in that state.


You can repeat these steps for any teams with a duplicated player issue. If they share a hidden player ID number that is the same you can remove them with this process.